Spring 2022 Seminar Schedule

2021-22 EES Friday Guest  Speakers

Public Welcome

Friday seminars will be held in ST 101 and via zoom at 12pm on the dates below. The room and zoom link will open at 12pm EST and the talk will start at 12:10pm. All are welcome to join us for the department lunch at 11am in ST 102 prior to the talk.


March 4, 2022

Kelden Pehr, Lehigh University, Postdoctoral Research Associate


"Molecular Fossils: Expanding the search for past life in highly transformed samples"

(host: Jill McDermott)


April 1, 2022

Sanborn Head & Associates


Title: “Day in the Life: Environmental Consulting at Sanborn Head”


The presenters for this event will be Leslie Tintle, MS '19, Colleen Costello, MS '95, BS '90, Chelsey Shepsko, PhD '19, and Tyler Keller ( a current Lehigh CEE student  and intern).

(host: Gray Bebout)


April 8, 2022 

Charles Schobe, West Virginia University


"Into the abyss: Passive margin stratigraphy reveals seascape evolution processes."

(host: Frank Pazzaglia)


April 15, 2022

Karen Lloyd, University of Tennessee, IODP lecture


"Slow, energy-efficient, and mysterious life deep within Earth’s crust"

(host: Gray Bebout and Jill McDermott)