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We are very interested in seeing alumni involved in the Department. Annual events that you are welcome to attend include the Graduate Student Symposium (early March), the Foster-Hewett lecture series, the undergraduate research seminar (last Friday of spring semester), and graduate student thesis/dissertation defenses (typically last two weeks of the Spring semester). Please contact Jillian Jacoby at for more information on these events.


How to help

We encourage alumni to get involved or contribute to the Department at any level that time and resources will permit. Your presence and interaction at weekly Department seminars, field trips, the graduate student symposium, and field camp is welcome. Of course monetary contributions are a great help and most of our signature programs, including our graduate program, have benefited enormously from your loyalty and generosity. Please refer to the newsletter or contact us here in the front office for specific suggestions as to which activities or accounts are ready to accept your donations. Unrestricted giving is always welcome.

But there are many ways in which we could use help beyond simply cold cash. It would be wonderful to learn about past graduates who could provide job opportunities, contacts, advice, and mentorship to students exploring their career options.

Students these days are very interested in internships, and we are trying hard to give students a chance for work experience in a variety of ways, so again, if you'd be willing to take on an intern or two, let us know.

This also applies at a somewhat larger scale to graduate students: one of our major goals at the moment is to strengthen the graduate program, and one essential step is to increase the number of students and the level of support. If you have projects that would make for nice MS theses or Ph.D. chapters, we'd very much like to hear from you.

Finally, if you'd be willing to come and give us a seminar about your work or your research, please call. We'd be thrilled to have past graduates return to talk with us.

To Make a Donation online:

  1. ​Enter "Donation Amount"
  2. Click "Areas of Support"
  3. Click "I want to select my own funds"
  4. Then use the drop down for "Fund Options" to get to "College of Arts and Sciences"
  5. Click on the dropdown menu on the right and choose "Other-CAS."
  6. Enter "EES unrestricted" in the comments section


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