A Range of Disciplines

At Lehigh, faculty and students in the EES Department carry out externally funded research in a broad range of subjects that we organize under two broad overlapping foci, "Solid Earth" and "Environmental Science". In detail, our work spans some areas within ecology, environmental science, and geology that might be unfamiliar to people having a traditional understanding of geology, biology, chemistry, or physics. To learn more, have a look at our faculty and student research activities to see if something piques your interest.

A wide range of research programs, equipment and computing facilities are available to support research in EES, located both within the department and in cooperating departments. The department houses some major, NSF-supported equipment and laboratories, and several groups of faculty and students are involved in larger collaborative research efforts of various types. Below, you will find links to pages describing these facilities and programs.


Faculty and Staff Research


Example Research Projects