Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry

What We Do

Those of us in Lehigh University's solid-Earth group work to understand the evolution and dynamics of our planet. Using a blend of field and laboratory-based studies, we aim to understand geological processes operating in the lithosphere and on the earth's surface. We are especially interested in coupled systems linking deep earth and surface processes.  Using approaches in seismology, paleomagnetism, geochemistry, structural geology, geomorphology, and geochronology, our research takes us to field sites across North America and the world.

Our current research includes studies of mountain building and crustal evolution, epeirogenesis and intraplate processes, faulting and deformation, landscape evolution, and mass flux and geochemical cycling in convergent margin systems. To learn more, visit the faculty/staff and collaborative web pages listed on this page.

If you're interested in graduate work at Lehigh, start here for links to the research we do, and then learn more about our graduate curriculum and our admissions procedures. More than anything, we encourage you to contact the person or persons you're interested in working with.

Recent Solid Earth Publications

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Graduate Theses

Jessica Welkey (Ph.D.), 2019. Intracontinental Deformation and Crustal Structure: Hangay Dome, Central Mongolia.
Advisor: Anne Meltzer
Joshua Gonzales (M.S.), 2019. Using knickpoints as geomorphic markers of crustal deformation in Appalachian Piedmont seismic cluster.
Katrina Gelwick (M.S.), 2019. Decoupled lithostratigraphy, orbitally-driven climate, and tectonics for a middle Pleistocene stratigraphic section.
Leslie Tintle (M.S.), 2019. Geochemical Controls on Volcanic Ash Morphology: Insights from the 2016-2017 Multi-Phase Eruption of Turrialba, Costa Rica .
Advisor: Dork Sahagian
Lillian Soto-Cordero (Ph.D.), 2019. Earthquake and Tectonic Processes in the Mid-Atlantic US Passive Margin and the Ecuador Subduction Zone.
Advisor: Anne Meltzer
Adrienne Scott (M.S.), 2018. “Illuminating the Crustal Structure of Khövsgöl, Mongolia Using Passive Source Seismicity”.
Advisor: Anne Meltzer
Candace Wygel (M.S.), 2018. Bubbles and Dust: Volcanic Ash Dissolution Rates of Nutrients and Contaminants as a Function of Surface Area and Composition.
Advisor: Dork Sahagian
Jennifer Schmidt (Ph.D.), 2018. “Revealing a Cenozoic History of Landscape Change and Differential Unroofing in the Southeastern Lhasa Block: Applications of Thermochronometry Along the Tibetan Plateau Margin”.
Advisor: Peter Zeitler
Jennifer Schmidt (Ph.D.), 2018. Revealing a Cenozoic History of Landscape Change and Differential Unroofing in the Southeastern Lhasa Block: Applications of Thermochronometry Along the Tibetan Plateau Margin.
Advisor: Peter Zeitler
Kaylee Kraft (M.S.), 2018. Fate of Subducting Organic Carbon: Evidence from Western Alps HP/UHP Metasedimentary Suites.
Advisor: Gray Bebout
Kalin McDannell (Ph.D.), 2017. “Methods and applications of deep-time thermochronology: Insights from slowly-cooled terranes of Mongolia and the North American craton”.
Advisor: Peter Zeitler
Darwin Janes (M.S.), 2017. “Characterizing defects and dislocations in apatite using scanning electron microscopy: implications for U-Th-Sm/He dating”.
Advisor: Peter Zeitler
Kathleen Jaeckel (M.S.), 2017. “Deformation-Enhanced Fluid and Mass Transfer Along Western Alps Paleo-Subduction Interfaces: Significance for Carbon Cycling Models”.
Advisor: Gray Bebout
Leonard Ancuta (Ph.D.), 2017. Toward an Improved Understanding of Intraplate Uplift and Volcanism: Geochronology and Geochemistry of Intraplate Volcanic Rocks and Lower-Crustal Xenoliths .
Advisor: Peter Zeitler
Matthew McGavick (M.S.), 2017. “Extrinsic vs. intrinsic terrace formation processes and tectonically driven river incision along the South Anna River, Virginia.”.
Megan Clark (M.S.), 2017. “Morphological and Geochemical Characteristics of Volcanic Ash: Insights into Eruption Energetics”.
Advisor: Dork Sahagian
Carrigan, J. (M.S), 2016. Fault-related fold kinematics using terrestrial syntectonic strata, Sant Llorenc de Mournys, Pyrenees Mountains, NE Spain..
Janelle Thumma (M.S.), 2016. Assessing the timing of intercontinental uplift of the Gobi Altai, Mongolia using low-temperature themochronology..
Advisor: Peter Zeitler
Zheng Gong (M.S.), 2016. Rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy of the Doushantuo Formation, South China and its implications for the duration of the Shuram-Wonoka excursion..
Advisor: Ken Kodama
Daniel Minguez (Ph.D.)., 2015. Chronostratigraphic applications of paleomagnetism and rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy: Case studies from the Ediacaran and Devonian Periods.
Advisor: Ken Kodama
Helen Malenda (M.S.)., 2015. New Quaternary geochronometric constraints on river incision in the Virginia Piedmont: Relative contributions of climate, base-level fall, knickpoint retreat, and active tectonics..
Stephanie Souza (M.S.), 2015. Upper mantle structure beneath the Hangay Dome, central Mongolia and implications for high topography and magmatism..
Advisor: Anne Meltzer