Confronting racism to advance our science

Zeitler P., Barros A., Becker T., Davidson, E., Ehlmann, B., Gruber, N., Hofmann, E., Hudson, M., Illangasekare, T., Kang, S., Malanotte‐Rizzoli, P., Moerchen, M., Nimmo, F., Parsons, T., Salters, V., Stevens, B., Trumbore, S., Wuebbles, D, Zhu, T.
AGU Advances, 2, e2020AV000296
As individuals serving on the AGU Advances editorial board, we condemn racism, affirm that Black Lives Matter, and recognize that inequality is built into the systems that have allowed us to prosper. We aim to persistently foster discussion about racism, inequity, and the need to make our community more diverse and inclusive. This will help AGU Advances do a better job in publishing important science that inclusively reflects the ideas and contributions of all in our community.