Michelle Spicer Trains Student Mentees in Tree Climbing Safety to Help in Research Work

On a late afternoon in September, Michelle Elise Spicer ’12 ’14G, assistant professor of earth and environmental science at Lehigh, donned a white hard hat and harness as she hoisted herself up into a thick, sturdy tree on the Asa Packer campus near Packard Lab.

A slight breeze rustled the leaves beginning to fall from the grove of trees that diluted the sunlight. Mosquitos swarmed. 

Spicer, whose community ecology research focuses on understanding the patterns and drivers of plant diversity across the world, brought two students with her on this day to help train them in tree-climbing safety–and have them test out what it feels like to climb—should they decide to incorporate climbing into their future research projects. Field technician Laurel Renee Humphreys provided support.

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