At Lehigh, EES is the home for study and research in the fields of ecology, geology, and environmental science. We offer both B.A. and B.S. degrees in Earth and Environmental Sciences as well as a minor. We're fascinated by the way that human activities and natural systems act together to shape our environment. Humankind is dependent on natural resources and in turn significantly impacts them, so we think it's critical for well-educated citizens to have a big-picture understanding of Earth and environment. Study in the various disciplines of EES is excellent preparation for work both in science and in a variety of careers such business, law, journalism, and policy.

Our catalog entry gives details about our formal degree programs and our courses. It's worth noting that our department and programs function under the umbrella of Lehigh's Environmental Initiative, which provides allied programs in Environmental Studies and study of such topics as environmental policy, risk perception, and more. If your confused about the array of degree programs at Lehigh that relate to the environment, the Environmental Initiative also has a nice summary of the various programs here

We invite you to tour our web pages and learn about us and our undergraduate programs and opportunities.


Courses and programs in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences expose students to the fundamentals in environmental science, geology, and ecology, all in the context of a modern earth-systems-science approach. Our robust degree programs are aimed at helping students prepare for a wide range of possible career paths in basic and applied science as well as a larger constellation of careers in areas like law, government, and business. 

We're proud of the effort we put into undergraduate education. We've worked hard at shaping an up-to-date and relevant curriculum (read more) that reflects the great range in approaches to studying the Earth system. We address the needs of both majors and non-majors who, as future citizens and leaders in business and government, will play an important role in facing issues of natural resources, hazards, environment, and energy. To meet this diversity in student interest, at the undergraduate level students may choose from a B.A. or a B.S. degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences, earn a minor in EES, or select from a wide range of introductory-level offerings.

Students at the EES department's weekly lunch.

You never know what to expect at the weekly EES departmental lunch.


Academic Life in EES

We're proud that in exit interviews, our students consistently describe EES as a second home and our faculty and staff as helpful, friendly, accessible, and committed. Our undergraduates regularly attend our weekly lecture series and associated lunch, and often work closely with faculty and graduates students on individual research, sometimes getting the chance to travel to field sites around North America and the world. We emphasize experiential and field-based learning, and we work hard to provide our students with extensive field experience and internships. We helped establish Lehigh's Environmental Initiative to further these goals and assist our students with broader connections.

Admissions Procedures

The main undergraduate admissions process is handled by Lehigh's Admissions Office. You should visit their web page to learn about admissions procedures and to obtain contact information.

Please feel free to contact any EES faculty member with questions about our programs or opportunities in the Earth and environmental sciences. If you're planning to visit Lehigh and are interested in EES and its offerings, consider dropping by our department. Just contact us and we'll schedule a tour and a meeting with a faculty member (call 610-758-3660 or email Jillian Jacoby at jij422@lehigh.edu).

Thanks for your consideration!