Fall 2020 Seminar Schedule

2020-21 EES Friday Guest  Speakers

Public Welcome

For the Fall, 2020 semester, all EES seminars will be virtual-only.  Zoom links will be distributed ahead of time as well as available  on the department calendar on the EES events page.

The link will open at 12pm EST and the talk will start at 12:10pm.


September 4th

EES Summer Slide Show


September 11th 

Beth Pratt-Sitaula, UNAVCO

"Making it Real for “Regular" People: translating hard-core geophysics into undergraduate teaching and disaster prep programs”

(host: Joan Ramage)


September 25th

Kate Freeman, Penn State University

"Wildfires and Environmental Upheavals in the Cenozoic Era"

(hosts: Jill McDermott)


October 2nd

Jack Mustard, Brown University

"Planets Underground: Probing the next frontier for planetary exploration"

(host: Gray Bebout)


October 23rd

Miguela Ingalls, Penn State University

“Alkalinity and phosphate levels in early Earth environments”

(host: Frank Pazzaglia)


October 30th

Michael Vandenbergh and Jonathan Gilligan, Vanderbilt Univ

"New Directions for Climate Policy in an Age of Political Gridlock"

(host: Dork Sahagian)



November 6th

Brent Goehring, Tulane University

“Holocene Glacier Length Variations Along the Spine of the American Cordilleras: Confirming Hypotheses and Worrisome Trends”

(host: Ed Evenson)


November 13th

Bette Otto Bliesner, NCAR

"Learning from the Warmer Past: Climate and Polar Ice Sheets during the Last Interglacial"

(host: Ben Felzer)