Minor in EES


Our minor is designed for students wishing to explore an area of Earth or Environmental Sciences in conjunction with a major program in another field. You might choose to do this for career enhancement or for personal development. This minor would pair up very well with a B.A. major in Environmental Studies.

The requirements for the minor in EES are simple. You need to earn a total of 15 credits in EES, with one credit coming from the integrated introductory laboratory (EES 22), and 8 credits coming from courses at the 100-level or above. In practice, EES 22 requires any one of our introductory-level EES "gateway" courses as a prerequisite or co-requisite, so a complete listing of the minor requirements would be:

  1. Take any introductory-level EES course for three credits.
  2. Take the EES integrated introductory laboratory (EES 22) for one credit.
  3. Take 8 credits of EES coursework at the 100-level or above.
  4. Take additional EES coursework to bring your total up to at least 15 credits.

Note: EES College Seminars (EES 90) that are designated as natural science (NS) do count towards the total.

When you declare your minor, we strongly suggest that you sit down with an EES advisor and map out a coherent sequence of courses that matches your interests and goals.

Summary of Current EES Minor (printable pdf) (effective Fall, 2009)

Why declare an EES Minor?

Well, because it's easy, and it's fun, and there's a good chance you've already taken some of the courses needed to fulfill the requirements! Plus, it's a chance to do some academic work outdoors: lots of our courses involve field trips, and we have summer courses which are entirely field based. So why wouldn't you declare an EES minor?

Is the EES Minor hard to complete?

No! Just have a look at the requirements at left: depending on how you handle your science-distribution requirement, you could be halfway to a minor. To declare, contact  Jillian Jacoby, EES Coordinator at jij422@lehigh.edu who  will send you a minor-declaration form and arrange a meeting with an advisor.